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Are you planning for the end of the recession?


From increasing home sales to profits in the financial services sector, there are signs that the worst of the recession may be over. Is there planning that you can do to prepare you company for coming out of the downturn?


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Unfortunately there are many companies who are not planning for recovery. We have been advising our clients to prepare for the last six months. Although we feel our local and regional economy is scraping along the bottom, leading indicators suggest the worst may be behind us. In the meantime, not preparing to take share is an invitation for your competition to take share from you. History suggests that the companies who prepare earliest come out of recessions strongeer and more quickly than those who "don't see an end top the recession" and significantly faster than those "only have time to keep our heads above water", who unfortunately may not survive these conditions. If they do survive, they will most likely remain in a weakened state for a significantly longer time.

Tom Stocker

Boardroom Advisory Group, LLC


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