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Cape Wind opponents file new appeal on change of staging work location


QUINCY, Mass. – The opponents to Cape Wind, a 130-wind-turbine project slated for the Nantucket Sound, have filed a new appeal, The Patriot Ledger reported on Tuesday.

The opponents, composed of The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound and the Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe, argue that the emission permit for the project is now inaccurate since Cape Wind Associates moved its planned staging work site from North Kingstown to New Bedford.

An appeal was filed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last week, The Patriot Ledger reported.

Alliance CEO Audra Parker said her group doesn’t necessarily think the new staging location would be worse for the environment but the case needs to be reconsidered to reflect the new information.

The Cape Wind project is looking to obtain financing for the project, which could exceed $2 billion, and hopes to begin construction within a year.

In a prepared statement obtained by The Patriot Ledger, Cape Wind Associates spokesman Mark Rodgers said “another frivolous appeal by an opposition group that is funded by fossil fuel interests to try to delay the new jobs, cleaner air and greater energy independence that Cape Wind will bring.”

Cape Wind, which was approved by the U.S. Department of Interior last year, faces several other appeals.


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The announced location of the Nantucket Wind project off Blackmer Street in New Bedford is not owned entirely by the state or the City of New Bedford. The sale or lease of the property will require a two-thirds vote by the legislature under Article 97 of the state constitution to give away or lease public property.

There are plans to take portions of land by Eminent Domain. The owners of this property will argue the public is taking the land for public good but is overlooking the toxic abandoned Cannon Street Power Plant a few hundred feet away. The taxpayer cost to blast ledge and develop the Blackmere site is about 35 million. The cost of removing the toxins at the Cannon Street Power Plant is just over twenty-million.

New Bedford is home to the New Bedford Harbor Superfund site and is a Brownfields Showcase Community. NOAA has a history of working with the City of New Bedford. It’s not clear how twenty acres of land on the New Bedford waterfront has never been developed and somehow must fit in the EPA scheme of Brownfields cleanup and exactly what other issues exist with the land.

We need to look at why the Nantucket Wind project needs 600 million dollars of stimulus funds earmarked for Massachusetts. Massachusetts has received 5.6 billion in federal stimulus funds. If the Nantucket wind project was sited at Quonset Point, Rhode Island would they receive the 600 million of taxpayer stimulus funds?

Why build a 50 million dollar ocean wind port in New Bedford when Quonset Point is already built?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 | Report this

Why New Bedford over Quonset Point ?

Environmental Injustice in New Bedford -Palmer's Island

New Bedford is involved with a 25 to 50 million construction of an ocean wind turbine port . The ocean wind turbine project will be built on or near Palmer's Island to Blackmer Street at the South end of the harbor. The ocean wind turbine port will be located near the toxic Cannon Power Street Power Plant with one of the most toxic marine environments in the United States. The entire ocean wind project announced last Oct 20th at a ceremony by state officials last Oct 20.2010. The project needs to be completed by December of 2011.

The New Bedford Harbor Trustee Council and the state Department of Environmental Protection have been asked by the City of New Bedford to fund 7.9 million dollars to build a tern restoration and shellfish area as part of a restoration project at Palmer's Island in New Bedford. The same location as the ocean wind port and next to the toxic power plant.

We have to ask how the funding of terns and shellfish can be done at the same location as a brand new ocean wind turbine port that includes state owned land and at what point do you call leaving an old toxic power plant next door with fuel oil, tar, coal tar, cyanide, lead paint, asbestos, guano (excrement from seabirds, seals and bats), asbestos and mold.

These three items ,Palmers Island Restoration ,Ocean Wind Turbine Port and Cannon Steet Power Plant are all located in the South End of New Bedford Harbor .We have to ask about the the co-modification of land, water, energy and air. Who will be held accountable for government policies and regulation.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 | Report this
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