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Cold calling can have chilling effects on sales

'Why do sales managers insist on cold call activity?'


I am sick of the argument that cold calling still has a valuable place in selling. Someone PLEASE show me the value.

Let’s look at the stats…

• 98 percent or more rejection rate.

• 100 percent interruption of the prospect.

• 100 percent they already know what you’re selling.

• 100 percent they already have what you’re selling.

• 100 percent manipulation to get through to the decision-maker.

• 100 percent lack of personal preparation about the customer.

• Most sales managers could NOT do what they ask their salespeople to do.

• Rejection is the biggest cause of sales personnel turnover.

• Ask any salesperson if they would rather have 100 cold calls or ONE referral.

• Cold calls are the worst.

With these horrid stats, why do sales managers insist on, even measure, cold call activity and numbers?

I have no earthly idea.

Here are 12.5 real-world connection strategies to eliminate cold calling. These are not “no brainers.” They’re “brainers!” They’re ideas and strategies that require smart, hard-working people to turn the strategies into money:

1. Build relationships and earn referrals. Visit existing customers. Offer ideas and help.

2. Use LinkedIn to make new connections. Use the “keyword” search feature to uncover prospects you never knew existed. Then connect without using the standard LinkedIn wording. Be original.

3. Ask your informal network of connections to recommend customers. Building and maintaining local and industry-specific relationships are critical to building your success. Pinpoint people who respect and admire your ability, the same way you respect and admire theirs.

4. Network face-to-face at the highest level possible. Not an “after hours” cocktail party. Join high-level executive groups and get involved.

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