Updated March 29 at 5:29pm

Covidien brain monitor earns nod from NICE


MANSFIELD – Covidien PLC’s BIS Brain Monitoring System earned a recommendation from the U.K.-based National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

NICE recommends the use of electroencephalography (EEG)-monitors, specifically Covidein’s Bispectral index monitor, as an option for measuring depth of anesthesia.

According to a company release, the recommendation specifies that the BIS monitor should be used with all patients receiving total intravenous anesthesia and during any type of general anesthesia with patients considered at high risk of adverse outcomes.

Because Covidien’s BIS Brain Monitoring System helps clinicians assess patient consciousness levels through electrical activity in the brain, the NICE guidance specifically recommended it as an option in the care of patients at high risk of unintended awareness or excessively deep anesthesia levels during surgery.

High risk patients can include older patients as well as those with morbid obesity, poor cardiovascular function, presence of two or more chronic diseases, high opiate or alcohol use, intravenous anesthesia techniques and certain types of surgical procedures.

“The NICE assessment and recommendations provide clear guidance to anesthesia professionals regarding the use of depth of anesthesia monitoring that will greatly improve patient care and safety for individuals at higher risk for adverse reactions to general anesthesia,” said Dr. Scott Kelley, chief medical officer of respiratory and monitoring solutions at Covidien, said in a statement.

“With BIS brain monitoring technology, anesthetists, in combination with their other standard practices, can accurately determine consciousness and tailor anesthesia dosing to ensure optimal patient experience and minimize risks,” added Kelley.


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