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Do you think the General Assembly will completely solve the pension problem in the upcoming special session?



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They haven't managed to do the right thing for 75 years in a row under democratic totalitarian control. What makes anyone think they're going to change now? Will RI suddenly start voting in republicans who actually know how to fix this? Doubt it....but I hope we see republicans gain some seats. I say this in hopes that all RI public workers don't suffer what happened in Central Falls (50% pension cut) after so many years of their "leaders" sticking heads in the sand ignoring the unfunded pensions. I have many friends who work for cities and towns in RI. Will really be sad if they lose their pensions by conntiuing to re-elect the same gen assembly reps who created the mess.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 | Report this

Not surprising that there is no confidence in sovling the problem.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 | Report this

It is unfortunate that our union controlled legislature is not yet in enough pain to want to grapple with this problem. We as a State rank in the bottom 10% of the Nation in any category that counts, and our governmental solution is more taxes, Federal bailouts (more taxes), or Bonds (more taxes). There are several solutions to any or our State's problems and choosing none of them is not an option. Given the overwhelming Democrat majority of this State, the best that might be hoped for is a "Blue Dog" minority rising from the ranks. Their Socially Liberal / Fiscally Conservative platform may be an interim step in arriving safely out of this morass. However, given our problems at the voting booth, even that is a forlorn hope.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | Report this
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