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Don’t waste the opportunity to re-evaluate

As we head into 2014, here are a few things to ponder, list, write about, and maybe even take action on.

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Don’t waste the opportunity to re-evaluate


As we head into 2014, here are a few things to ponder, list, write about, and maybe even take action on.

Rather than me telling you what to do, let me share with you what I intend to do and you can make your own plan from there.

I am going to continue to expand on my “four words” from last year. My words from last year (posted on my bathroom mirror) were “FINISH,” “WRITE,” “SHAPE” and “YES.”

My results?

• I finished the “21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling.”

• I wrote 1,000 words a week and documented hundreds of ideas.

• My shape is still plus 20 pounds, so that word will remain this year.

• I maintained my YES! Attitude, but seeing the word every morning and evening in my bathroom mirror helped.

Not bad achievement results – but still being 20 pounds overweight shows a flaw in my self-discipline. Not good.

This year’s words are divided into two categories – achievement and improvement.

On the achievement side:


On the improvement side:


I’ll define those eight words next week. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to write and define your words for the year. Interestingly, you most likely mentally know what they are, but have yet to bring them to the visual surface as Post-it Notes on your bathroom mirror.

The balance of this week and next will be spent (actually invested) by thinking about, doing, and documenting the following:

• Making one plan to make a longtime dream a reality. For me, it’s traveling to The Great Wall of China.

• Solidify one big idea. My big idea for 2014 is the continuation and solidification of the Gitomer Certified Advisor Program. It will emerge in 2014 as the premier independent licensee program in the world.

• Intensify the improvement of your major strength. More and better writing for me.

• Celebrate life and plan a few celebrations. Several on the list – follow my Instagram: @jeffreygitomer for continued details – and inspiration for you.

• Celebrate family and plan a few celebrations. August in Paris! Getting to know my family below the surface. Spend less time in idle chit chat and more time talking about life and intentions.

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