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Financial action plan for right-brain thinkers

Guest Column:
E. Larson Gunness
Don’t you just hate money?

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Financial action plan for right-brain thinkers


Don’t you just hate money?

Money, budgeting, net worth, credit repair: Some people find these words exciting – concepts that fill them with enthusiasm and purpose. If you are one of these people, then this article is not for you.

Because there are many people for whom these words are boring, wicked boring. And for all of you creatives out there: the writers, artists, musicians, designers and other right-brain thinkers, these concepts not only bore you, they drain you, erode your vitality and all that gives you joy (okay, okay, overstatement here, but you get the point).

You may be one of the many people out there who don’t like the concept of money; who don’t want to deal with budgets and bills and debt ratios, credit scores and such. You have more important and compelling things to do with your life force. Like live, love and create.

But, alas, there’s no way around it. There are some things you just have to know. Money is one of those things. You can ignore money – but it won’t ignore you, as the saying goes.

For all of you who hate money, here are some tips on how you might want to approach the topic, make it work for you. I hope this helps:

• It’s them, not you. Some people blame themselves for not knowing enough about money. But this isn’t fair. The financial-advice industry has proven itself in recent years to be as broken and dysfunctional as you suspected all along. There are many great people working for financial firms, and they can help you. But make no mistake, the upheaval that is occurring in this industry is well-earned.

• You already have the tools you need. You already know much of what you need to know in order to manage your finances. You know how to read, add and subtract. You deal with complex situations every day in your life and work. Topics of personal finance are not so complicated that you can’t understand them, completely. And don’t let anyone tell you different.

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