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Five Questions With: Chad Barrera

The founder of Squantum Digital talks to Providence Business News about his company, mobile apps and the benefits of a strong mobile presence for businesses.

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Five Questions With: Chad Barrera


Chad Barrera is the founder of Squantum Digital, a new company that develops mobile apps and apps for connected devices.

Barrera talked to Providence Business News about his company, mobile apps and the benefits of a strong mobile presence for businesses.

PBN: Why did you make the decision to start Squantum Digital?

BARRERA: I started Squantum Digital because I saw the need in the market for a niche set of products and ideas in the digital space. I think there is a lot of opportunity in mobile and tablet computing as well as connected devices. My plan is to empower businesses to succeed in the ever changing digital space by providing solutions and innovations at competitive pricing with local and international expertise.

PBN: What are the benefits of a strong mobile platform?

BARRERA: By next year, over half of the traffic on the Internet will be from mobile devices. A mobile presence is essential to give your business or organization a competitive advantage. Having a strong mobile presence is table stakes today for any organization. Having a strong mobile strategy that connects with Social and Search is super critical. Squantum’s focus is to help organizations build a strong mobile platform.

PBN: What’s the different between having an app and having a mobile-specific website?

BARRERA: A mobile web site is accessed through your smartphone browser, optimized for your mobile device. An app is a piece of software that is developed and made available through an app store. Mobile apps can leverage hardware features of devices like the camera, GPS, accelerometer and touchscreen to help create new and unique experiences.

PBN: Are their specific types of businesses that benefit more from a mobile presence than others?

BARRERA: Retailers with brick and mortar rely on customers walking in. Driving a trip to the store is critical. Mobile plays a big role in enabling that drive to store. Providing real time data on deals helps various kinds of businesses. Health care companies are using mobile to collect various kinds of data to help patients save on their medications as well as improve their health outcomes.

PBN: How do you think the world of mobile technology will continue to evolve?

BARRERA: Mobile technology is evolving rapidly and becoming more – “connected” technology. Devices that are powered by apps and services are creating a whole new ecosystem. There will be rapid growth in the adoption rate for such connected devices. e.g. Google Glass, FitBit, Nike FuelBand, and Jawbone Up are just a few examples of what is coming. Squnatum plans to be there to help businesses leverage these changing mobile technologies.


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