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Five Questions With: Ed Kedzierski

'We're seeing a tremendous interest from [SMBs] looking for ways to digitize their marketing efforts.'

Internet marketing consultant with netsense talks about the company and its recent move to Cranston.

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Five Questions With: Ed Kedzierski

'We're seeing a tremendous interest from [SMBs] looking for ways to digitize their marketing efforts.'


Ed Kedzierski is an Internet marketing consultant with netsense – a local IT company that moved offices in January from Pawtucket to Cranston.

The company increased its revenue by 70 percent during the last 18 months, nearly doubled its office space with the move, and plans to add 10 people to its current 17-headcount in the near future.

PBN: Netsense had an extremely profitably year and a half. What’s the secret to your success?

KEDZIERSKI: Throughout our product and service lines, IT services, website development, digital marketing solutions, we take a consultative approach with our clients and potential clients. First taking the time to understand their business, and then finding the proper solution for their specific needs.

PBN: Why did you move to Cranston?

KEDZIERSKI: Cranston is not all that far from Providence. Actually we love the location, easy access to 95 and 295, and the actual space is great for our needs.

PBN: What’s your biggest area of growth?

KEDZIERSKI: Right now, we’re seeing a tremendous interest from small to mid-sized companies looking for ways to digitize their marketing efforts. There are a lot of companies and websites offering a myriad of solutions. It’s not as easy as in the past when a company would get a phone book ad, advertise in a local newspaper or trade journal, maybe a little cable TV ad or radio. There really were only a few options. Now, there are thousands of media choices on the Internet and mobile devices. We help companies weed through all of the noise to find the right solution for their goals.

PBN: What technology trends do you see being important for small to medium-sized businesses in 2012? If you had to pick one for SMBs to focus their budget, what would you choose?

KEDZIERSKI: On the marketing side, more than 60 percent of all media is consumed online; however, SMBs spend on average only 15 percent of their marketing budgets online.

Companies need to determine where their potential customers are spending time online and then determine a strategy to put themselves there when their customers are surfing, searching or being social.

Also, the move to mobile Web access is really a game changer. Having a mobile friendly website and a mobile marketing plan will be key in 2012. In regards to IT, collocation/disaster recovery solutions, security assessments and virtualization appear to be the issues that SMBs are focusing on most in 2012.

PBN: How will you be able to sustain the company’s growth? What news will netsense have in 2012?

KEDZIERSKI: We are always interested in partnering with companies whether through strategic alliances, or merger/acquisitions.

We have a number of these types of relationships in development for 2012. Plus, we are experiencing steady organic growth through our ongoing marketing efforts and by bringing in top talent to help us provide great service to area businesses.


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