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Five Questions With: Peter Rendall

New chief financial officer for KVH Industries talks to Providence Business News about his new employer and the move to Rhode Island.

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Five Questions With: Peter Rendall


Industry veteran Peter Rendall joined KVH Industries Inc. as their chief financial officer on Oct. 1 after a long stint in the bustling London and Boston environments.

Rendall, who has worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Elcom Indernational, Top Layer Security and JobSmart Partners, talked to Providence Business News about his new employer and Rhode Island’s business industry.

PBN: What do you hope to accomplish at KVH Industries?

RENDALL: I joined the team because they have a great vision in two large markets – mobile satellite communications and guidance and stabilization. Having invested in bringing innovative technology to market, the focus is to execute and drive growth in those markets and maintain our market leadership. My experience of driving growth at the top line, all the while remaining profitable is a key priority of mine looking forward.

PBN: What are you looking forward to most about your new position?

RENDALL: Having been a CFO at both venture-backed, entrepreneurial companies and multi-national public companies, the blend of creativity and operational strengths throughout the KVH team is refreshing. There’s an energy here that is infectious and you’re constantly challenged to think outside of the box.

PBN: You have past experience with tech companies, how does KVH differ from your previous experience?

RENDALL: I have worked with large and small public and VC-backed technology companies in a variety of industry sectors. My experience spans services, hardware, software and software-as-a-service, all of which were on an international scale. I have a broad expertise in serving large markets, particularly enterprise, government and telecommunications, including the satellite market.

PBN: Do you have a favorite KVH product or project?

RENDALL: It’s tough to name one product that is my favorite. One thing is apparent when you look under the cover of any KVH product, there is no compromise with quality and performance. Our mobile satellite products are designed to weather any conditions nature can throw at them all the while delivering a great user experience, whether it is crystal clear HD TV or a rich, fast broadband Internet connection. Our guidance and stabilization products are designed to operate in environments where harsh conditions are the norm, whether it be rapid shock forces from firing a remote weapons station or navigating vehicles through blinding sand storms.

PBN: How does the Rhode Island business environment differ from others you've dealt with?

RENDALL: I’ve spent most of my career working around the bustling London, UK and Boston areas. Rhode Island may be different in terms of the sheer concentration of technology businesses, but the quality and experience of the people here and the products they develop are second to none. I have enjoyed the transition so far and look forward to spending a long time in this State.


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