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Five Questions With: Vernon Rauch

President and co-founder of Markethound – an online tool creators of a tool that lets businesses create and manage marketing campaigns – talks about his experience in Betaspring, Providence’s technology community and the best marketing tools out there.

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Five Questions With: Vernon Rauch


Vernon Rauch and his company Markethound – formally TWOBOLT – were part of the Providence-based Betaspring start up accelerator’s latest class.

Markethound is an online multi-channel marketing management platform that allows users to plan, design, schedule, launch, monitor and analyze their marketing all from one place.

PBN: Your company is about to undergo some changes; do you want to tell us about those?

RAUCH: We are about to undergo some huge changes. I am excited to say that we have spun out from our parent company TWOBOLT, and are rebranding as Markethound. This is a strategic decision that has been made by the ownership & executive team of TWOBOLT and all driven by our recent 12-week experience in Providence's premier start-up accelerator, BetaSpring.

PBN: Why do you think online marketing tools like Markethound work so well for small businesses?

RAUCH: The truth is, marketing is hard. There are so many ways for a business to engage with and market to their customers these days; everything from websites and email to social media and direct mail, to name a few. The problem is there is no effective way to coordinate all these activities and no way to manage and show value for all the efforts. Markethound, and tools like ours, provide an integrated platform for any size business to be able to plan, design, schedule, launch and monitor all their marketing activities from one place. We provide the tools, knowledge, and insights businesses need to show the value in their marketing efforts.

PBN: How did your experience in Betaspring help you get your business off the ground?

RAUCH: The BetaSpring experience has connected us with an amazing network of mentors and investors. They know how to start and grow a business from the ground up. Their advice has been invaluable and will be key as we grow the business

PBN: What advice do you have to people looking to start a technology startup?

RAUCH: I think my biggest piece of advice comes in two parts:

First, surround yourself with brilliant people who are smarter then you. Their insight and experience will guide you down the path to success.

Second, be open to change. Our company started BetaSpring as one business and is leaving as another. As you build your business you are going to make mistakes; and that's ok so long as you learn and evolve.

PBN: How do you think accelerators like Betaspring are changing our local technology startup community?

RAUCH: Betaspring is connecting brilliant people with brilliant people. We are attracting new life to our city and state. There is a new energy in this town and I am excited that Markethound is part of it.


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