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Food and festivity are corporate culture

By Victor Paul Alvarez
Contributing Writer
Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

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Food and festivity are corporate culture


Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

At the Newport Harbor Corp., it could be anyone’s. At the company’s annual “So You Think You Can Cook?” event, employees pit their kitchen skills against each other in the spirit of friendly competition.

Pair that with the company Olympics – in which business units compete in a series of relays, egg toss, tug-of-war, and oyster shuck-and-suck events – and you begin to see why Newport Harbor Corp. is a great place to work.

An industry pacesetter and long-standing symbol of quality in the culinary and hospitality trade, the company has an impressive and diverse portfolio of award-winning hotels, restaurants and events spanning Rhode Island.

“We are proud to be an employee-owned company, characterized by an energetic synergism between colleagues with a mutual respect for innovative ideas and unique expression in order to remain an industry leader,” said Jennifer Reagan, corporate trainer and recruiter.

Anyone who has ever been in the hospitality industry knows what it’s like to be working when everyone else is playing. Newport Harbor makes up for this by creating a fun environment for employees. A spring barbecue – families invited – gets employees together as a reward for a great year and revved up for summer.

The company also rewards hard-working employees with cold, hard cash. If an employee refers someone for an open management position and that person is hired and in good standing for six months, the referring employee receives $500. •


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