Updated March 27 at 7:27pm

GreenBytes unveils new, all-SSD solution


HOPKINTON – GreenBytes Inc., developer of inline deduplication data storage solutions, unveiled its new product, an all-solid state disk storage array, on Feb. 21.

The solution, dubbed Solidarity, is the first all-SSD GreenBytes will produce.

“We’ve traditionally used SSD for more performance-related pieces of our solutions,” spokesman Michael Robinson said, citing the higher cost of SSDs and bigger capacity of hard disk drives.

But, he said, since many of the HDD manufacturers were affected by the floods in Thailand, hard disk drives are being bought with a premium.

“The SSDs have been coming down in price and the capacities have been increasing,” Robinson said, explaining the company’s decision to manufacture an all-SSD appliance “so you’re getting the performance and pretty darn close to the capacity of a hybrid solution. Everybody wins.”

Robinson said the all-SSD market is a growing one, with players like Nimbus and Solid Fire throwing their hats in the ring.

But, Robinson said, GreenBytes isn’t necessarily competing with those players. “Some, for example, are lacking one or two of the following: deduplication or dual controllers,” which Solidarity has.

The company plans to start shipping the product at the end of March.

“Our SSD solution is gaining immeasurable traction. All of the big guys are trying to put out an all-SSD solutions as fast as possible,” he said.


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