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GreenBytes shifts focus to new IO Offload Engine


HOPKINGTON – GreenBytes Inc., a developer of inline deduplication data storage solutions, is shifting its company focus towards input/output-offload solutions for the virtual desktop infrastructure market.

“It’s a market shift,” Michael Robinson, GreenBytes’ vice president of marketing communication, told Providence Business news. “Up until this point, we’ve really been focused on data storage solutions, but now what wer’e looking to do is target a much higher level customer.”

The company’s IO Offload Engine, announced Tuesday, is a high-performance network infrastructure device built to absorb the transient input/output required for virtual machine booting, rapid provisioning and swap.

The system takes the IO that was burdening a customer’s existing storage area network (SAN) and offloads it to the Greenbytes’ offload engine, freeing up the SAN to do what it was designed to do: store and protect user and application data.

According to Robinson, by switching Greenbytes’ focus, companies that were once competitors – such as Dell’s Equallogic – are now potential partners or customers.

“There’s so much more of a market opportunity by selling a specific solution that really enables customers that have existing storage infrastructure that they’re tying to protect,” said Robinson. “We’re not trying to displace anyone else’s [storage area network], we’re trying to make it better.”

According to a company release, the IO Offload Engine combines massive bandwidth, IOPS and deduplication to make IO offload viable.

“It enables very high performance VDI employment,” said Robinson, adding that the company’s new system is a “cloud-scale VDI solution.”

The IO Offload Engine leverages existing infrastructure investments without forcing IT organizations to re-design the architecture or replace costly IT equipment.

“The GreenBytes IO Offload Engine captures the I/O intense data stream and processes it in a more effective and efficient manner without interrupting performance or the integrity of the data stream,” Mark Bowker, senior analyst at ESG, said in prepared remarks. “The offloading can dramatically help streamline desktop provisioning, eliminate boot storms, and erase the pain point associated with desktop images constantly swapping to disk.”

The IO Offload Engine was built as a VDI solution for managed service providers, Telcos and Enterprises and GreenByte’s OPEX pricing model allows companies to purchase what they need, when they need it.

A single IO Offload Engine is capable of 1000 VDI and users can scale to 4500 in incremental licensing upgrades. Beyond 4500, additional appliances will be shipped for field installation.

“More like a next-generation switch and less like a storage device, the IO Offload Engine runs beside the storage already in place and complements, rather than competes, with traditional SANs,” Bob Petrocelli, CEO and CTO of GreenBytes said in prepared remarks.

“Being a plug-and-play VDI solution, IO Offload Engine installs and scales out in minutes to drive down costs and avoid user interruption,” said Petrocelli, adding “The end result is affordable VDI available on a pay-per-use model.”


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