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How would you pay for a lower sales tax?


The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity has been advocating for the elimination (or at the least a serious reduction) of the state sales tax for some time, but often without giving details of how the state would make up for the significant revenue shortfall that such a policy decision would create.

Last week, the center previewed a position paper that it will be issuing later this month that will give all the details, but it is clear the group will have no trouble finding more than enough cuts to state spending to make up for any shortfall.

Of the major items listed here that the center says it would cut in order to save the state up to $200 million per year, which would you think makes the most sense?


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Sales taxes are among the most regressive of levies because low income people tend to spend a higher % of their income and thus are taxed at a relatively higher rate than the more affluent. It would be interesting to see if the Center for "Prosperity and Freedom" would endorse a simple offset of revenue from the Sales tax with a higher, but more progressive personal income tax rate? Their "starve the beast" spending cut proposals tend to erode the social safety net needed most by those at the lower end of the income spectrum. A straight up comparison of their simple revenue source preferences might lend more insight into their real agenda?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 | Report this

The option to forgo the 138 Studio payment is a foolish option. It is money we did not have in the first place and the facade that has been created like it could be used in another fuction is ludicrous, that money bucket was already empty spending it somewhere else only creates a bigger hole that money did not exist to be reused in any other place to begin with.

Thursday, March 6, 2014 | Report this
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