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Is Rhode Island hospitable to entrepreneurs?


The recently concluded Rhode Island Business Plan Competition named two winners, who took home substantial cash and services prizes.

Some looked at the business plan finalists, however, and wondered if there might be a way to get all of them off the ground, believing that the economic future of the state depends on business creation in Rhode Island more than attracting other businesses to the state.

Do you believe that the state does enough to help entrepreneurs bring their business dreams to fruition?


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It's not the responsibility of the State to 'do enough to help entrepreneurs.' It is, however, one of the State's primary responsibilities to provide a favorable business environment for all business owners, entrepreneurs included.

We're mired pretty deeply with a well entrenched, business-insensitive legislature and a way too large government sector for our small state. Until we can consolidate our cities and towns, along with the burdensome local and state governments that result, our state will continue to operate inefficiently, pay high taxes, and accept a level of corruption that thwarts business innovation.

Rhode Island-businesses can certainly thrive, as many do today, but we live with a competitive disadvantage we should not need to carry.

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