Updated March 23 at 8:23am

Is Rhode Island’s Global Medicaid Waiver a good idea?

No 62% | 54 votes
Yes 38% | 33 votes

With the state continuing to wallow in red ink, the motivation for Gov. Donald L. Carcieri to negotiate a Global Medicaid Waiver with the federal government was clear.

The flexibility that the block grant from Washington, D.C., grants the state – in exchange for a cap in federal Medicaid funding – is intended to allow it to stretch the effectiveness of the money it spends on health care.

But not everyone agrees that Rhode Island is ready to implement the solutions that Carcieri said would form the backbone of its new approach to caring for the poor and elderly, such as an increase in home health care.

As Rhode Island prepares to implement the Global Medicaid Waiver, was it such a good idea after all?


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Truthfully, this is probably not a "yes or no" question. Under certain circumstances the "idea" could be OK, but what is the liklihood of those circumstances prevailing? And what are the risks if they don't?

Monday, February 23, 2009 | Report this

In my opinion, any program that promotes consumer empowerment, personal responsibility and accountability is a good idea.

Thursday, February 26, 2009 | Report this
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