Updated March 26 at 6:25pm

Is creating New England’s leading scrap shipping facility on Allens Avenue the best use of Providence’s waterfront?

A scrap heap shouldn't be the city's gateway to Narragansett Bay 47% | 174 votes
It's an industrial waterfront, so why not? 26% | 95 votes
If it brings new high-paying blue-collar jobs, yes 23% | 85 votes
I can't decide 4% | 16 votes

When Sims Metal Management Ltd. announced that it was buying Promet Marine Services Corp. Ltd. and using its deep water births and 9 acres of land to create the New England base of its growing metal recycling business, proponents of Providence’s working waterfront saw it as validation.

It now seems unlikely that any use other than industrial will take place on the city’s Allens Avenue waterfront, ending what had been dreams of multiple mayors going back to Buddy Cianci.

But is a major scrap facility, no matter how many well-paying blue collar jobs it brings, the kind of business that should be such a major part of Providence’s connection to Narragansett Bay?


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Wouldn't a scrap yard be better in Quonset?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 | Report this

Even more foolish is that this company is building a car crushing plant at the landfill in Johnston and then transporting the metal to the Allens Ave facility. The entire operation should be located together at an appropriate location. Politicians have to be involved!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 | Report this

Put the casino on the waterfront... Or, maybe in Quonset Davisville ... there's beaches there.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 | Report this
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