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Is the delay in the effective date for high-stakes educational testing an inappropriate meddling in educational policy by the General Assembly?


One of the General Assembly’s late-session actions was to delay the implementation of a requirement that in order to graduate, high school students demonstrate proficiency or improvement from previous scores on the New England Common Assessment Program exams.

Waivers from the requirement are possible, but each school district had broad latitude for how they were awarded, leading to inconsistent standards across the state.

As a result, legislative leaders felt that the requirement’s implementation needed to be delayed in order to get more school districts and students time to align curricular approach with the standard.

There is some thought that the General Assembly should not have done this, that it was meddling in educational policy that undercuts the reforms efforts that have garnered the state federal Race to the Top funds and other support.

Should the General Assembly have delayed implementation of the testing component of high school graduation requirements?


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