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Job jumping

The Providence Business News Executive Poll is a weekly survey of 70 business leaders throughout the state, representing small and large companies in a variety of industries.

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PBN Executive Poll

Job jumping


Are employers less likely to hire candidates who have switched jobs frequently?

• Yes, companies usually prefer candidates that commit to employers for longer periods of time – 66.7%

• It depends on the candidates’ explanations for the multiple employers – 33.3%

What’s the minimum amount of time you consider acceptable for new hires to stay with you?

• Two years or more – 69.7%

• One year – 21.2%

• Six months – 9.1%

What’s the most compelling reason for employees to switch jobs?

• A distaste for company – 39.4%

• Their dream job is available – 33.3%

• More money – 21.2%

• More convenience in location or hours – 6.1%

What’s the worst part about losing an employee after only a few months?

• Having to find and train a replacement – 51.5%

• Losing the investment made – 39.4%

• The disruption in office operations – 9.1%


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