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Lead or be led

The Providence Business News Executive Poll is a weekly survey of 70 business leaders throughout the state, representing small and large companies in a variety of industries.

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PBN Executive Poll

Lead or be led


Do you often find yourself resolving workplace problems on your own?

• Yes – 66.7%

• No – 33.3%

What do you think is the best way to build leadership skills in your employees?

• Encourage creative thinking – 44.4%

• Encourage a dialogue about the work – 40.7%

• Test their assumptions – 11.1%

• Other – 3.7%

Is it easier to tell employees how to fix things or provide them with resources to fix it on their own?

• Provide them with resources to fix – 51.9%

• Tell them how to fix – 33.3%

• Other – 14.8%

How many teachable moments have you experienced today?

• More than 10 – 11.1%

• Less than 10 – 74.1%

• None – 11.1%

• Unsure – 3.7%


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