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Learning management or learning success?

‘Last time I checked, training and education were all about the learner.’


Everyone needs sales and personal-development training. Even you. The challenge is how much and what kind.

With thousands of training options, it’s difficult to select the best programs.

I just got an email solicitation telling me to “create a unified approach to learning management.” Huh? What does that mean? Wouldn’t it be a better message to suggest “a real-world approach to learning success”? Or am I missing something?

Last time I checked, training and education were all about the learner.

The email meticulously listed every element of current day training, from classroom to mobile app. They left out one small item – relevant content.

What’s your approach to training? What’s your approach to learning? What’s your approach to education?

The haunting words of Jim Rohn have rung in my ears for more than three decades. “Formal education will earn you a living. Self-education will earn you a fortune.” And with the state of the economy and training cutbacks, this message is more urgent and relevant than ever.

What’s your self-education plan for the next 24 months? Are you learning about sales and success as many hours as you’re watching TV? Or are you waiting for the training department to give you new information?

For the classroom to remain a relevant and vital part of anyone’s learning success, several elements must be present – and beyond the classroom (or in place of it) the same elements apply.


• Information, examples, lessons, modules and instructors must be real world. Information must directly relate to the learner and his or her challenges.

• The learner must understand, accept, and agree with the information provided, or it’s an exercise in futility.

• The learner must believe in the information, and display a willingness to try it (even if it’s different from today’s comfort). That belief must also be present as a person, or the courage to execute will be nonexistent.

• The information and strategies must be viable in actual selling situations.


A dynamic presenter is not just “getting through the material.” The trainer’s presentation skills are the fulcrum point of transferability. The mentality of “getting through the material” rather than being dynamic is a sure death knell to the success of the outcome.

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