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Managing your mistakes

The Providence Business News Executive Poll is a weekly survey of 70 business leaders throughout the state, representing small and large companies in a variety of industries.

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Managing your mistakes


What’s the best way to handle a work-related mistake that you’ve caused?

• Own up and devise a plan to recover from the mistake – 60%

• Own up and ask for advice on how to remedy the situation – 31.4%

• Find a solution before anyone notices – 8.6%

• Create a prevention strategy – 85.7%

• Reflect on the issue – 42.9%

• Write a reminder to yourself – 22.9%

When you make a mistake, what do you do to avoid it in the future? Check all that apply.

Do you think mistakes can be positive learning experiences?

• Yes, we’ve all been there – 97.1%

• No, we can’t afford errors – 2.9%

How do you handle employees who slip up?

• Help them devise a strategy to avoid the problem in the future – 100%

• Devise a strategy that takes the responsibility away from them – 0%

• Write a reminder to yourself – 22.9%


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