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Newport bridge tolls to double in Sept.


PROVIDENCE – The R.I. Turnpike and Bridge Authority voted this morning to double the cost of crossing the Pell Bridge between Newport and Jamestown for those paying cash and for some out-of-staters, The Associated Press reported.

The toll for a car will double from $2 to $4 when paid by cash or by drivers who purchased an automated E-ZPass toll-collection device outside Rhode Island. The cash toll for trucks will rise to $2 an axle. Holders of Rhode Island-purchased E-ZPasses will continue to pay 83 cents to cross the bridge.

The Turnpike and Bridge Authority, which oversees both the Pell and the Mount Hope Bridge between Bristol and Portsmouth, voted 3-1 to approve the increase, a spokeswoman told the AP.

The increase, which will take effect next month, is the first since the bridge opened in June 1969. It is expected to raise an additional $5.5 million in annual revenue for the upkeep of the two bridges.

The authority has been considering a toll increase ever since a report issued a year and a half ago forecast a $223 million budget shortfall for the agency over the next two decades.

That amount has since grown, David Darlington, the authority’s chairman, told Providence Business News earlier this month. A 10-year maintenance plan recently concluded that the authority will need to perform about $210 million of repairs over the next 10 years alone.

Additional information is available at RITBA.org.


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Give me a break, this has to be the worst run State in the Nation, this will kill the Tourism Industry in Newport!

Rick Mosca


Wednesday, August 12, 2009 | Report this

What a bunch of morons! We've already stopped going to Newport. Let them rip off the tourists. Hopefully, they'll be smart and only go to Newport once! As for us, we've stopped going to the restaurants in Newport, the beaches, Stop & Shop and Wal Mart. We go to Wickford instead!!!! Prices are better, people more friendly and no crowds! Also, shop in Kiingston instead.

Newport is a rip off! Go rip off the tourists!!!!!!!

RI morons!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 | Report this

Once again let me scream out the words, "the State of RI has a big tax SPENDING problem". If the State could work "smarter" instead of "harder", we would all be better off. How could the local elected officials let this happened? It appears that the few people on the R.I. Turnpike and Bridge Authority do have more power and control over the local communities who must travel in that area.

No wonder the State is complaining that the tax revenue is down, people are voting with their feet and leaving Rhode Island. Those of us who are stuck here will drive around the bridge in protest, and that revenue will fall off too. RI taxpayers have had it with the "tax" and "spend" mentality. This will only end when we vote new people in to office and they appoint board members who respect the taxpayers and the State of Rhode Island.

Thursday, August 13, 2009 | Report this
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