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Renowned economist to speak at Wheaton


NORTON – Economist Peter Schiff will give a free lecture at Wheaton College Feb. 25, The Sun Chronicle reported.

Schiff will talk about the economy and how it affects young adults, especially those still in college.

Schiff told the newspaper ahead of the presentation: “We are in serious trouble in this country.” Problems stemming from government overspending and high taxes will put an “unfair burden” on workers.

The responsibility to pay for Social Security and other programs, as Baby Boomers move into retirement, will fall on young workers who are fighting for the few jobs available, he said.

“If they do get hired, they're not going to get paid as much,” Schiff said; he believes overtaxation will lead many to emigrate from the United States. "”f they're going to try to pay it on the backs of the younger generations, they're going to leave.”

Schiff was among the economist who warned the country’s housing market bubble would burst – which it did in 2007.

The event is scheduled for 3 p.m. at the Weber Theater. Contact speck_joseph@wheatoncollege.edu to reserve a seat.


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