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Rocky Hill School to implement iPads


EAST GREENWICH – Preparatory day school Rocky Hill School announced Feb. 21 that every teacher and student in its middle school will have an iPad for home and school use.

The devices will be provided by the school and will be personalized to each student. “The software for the iPad is what makes all the difference. With an application for seemingly every subject, students and teachers will have direct access to an endless array of educational resources,” a news release said.

The “1:1 iPad program” will provide a platform for digital textbooks and tools so students can organize their coursework, take notes and access documents. Student and teachers will be able to easily share information through drop boxes and cloud computing, the release said.

“As a school, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of technology,” said Jonathan M. Schoenwald, the new school head. “Having already implemented iPads in the lower school and laptop computers in the upper school, this 1:1 middle school iPad program is a natural progression for us. The educational benefits are limitless, and we know our teachers and students will plot new, creative, and innovative learning opportunities with this remarkably flexible device.”

For example, an eighth grade science student could do a reading assignment his teacher created through iBooks Author app; while reading, he could use the highlighter to identify vocabulary words and key concepts and can also takes notes; the teacher can embed video such as one that animates the evapotranspiration cycle, the release said.


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