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STAC grants, totaling $1.44M, go to eight local projects


PROVIDENCE – Eight projects ranging from the development of multi-scale brain-injury models for concussion and traumatic brain injury to a tick-bite patch were awarded research grants, totaling $1,435,822 on Thursday.

The fifth annual awards were announced at a Rhode Island Science and Technology Advisory Council meeting at the R.I. Economic Development Corporation’s Providence offices.

The 2011 Rhode Island Research Alliance Collaborative Research Grant Awards included:

  • Development of multi-scale brain injury models for concussion and traumatic brain injury / Brown University, Rhode Island Hospital, Simulia

    Awarded: $194,809

    The project is working to aid companies in designing safer and improved protective gear, and to aid the medical community in producing improved quantitative traumatic brain-injuries diagnosis and assessment tools.

    This collaboration will result in a sustainable, long-term TBI-focused research program that includes student training opportunities, RI-EDC said.

  • Marine biofouling on high-performance molded materials / University of Rhode Island, Ametek SCP

    Awarded: $94,644

    Researchers will use microscopic and molecular techniques to characterize the development of marine biofilms. By collaborating with a research university, Ametek SCP will be able to evaluate novel coatings and to expand its markets.

  • A novel, efficient technology for mercury emission-control application / Brown University, Banyan Environmental Inc.

    Awarded: $200,000

    This team will work to develop new technologies for reducing human health risks associated with anthropogenic mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants and cement kilns. The group hopes its research will attract small- business federal grants, angel investments, venture capital and collaborative investments from the industry.

  • A wound-healing product for diabetic ulcers containing choroid plexus growth factors / Brown University, CytoSolve

    Awarded: $199,997

    Researchers will collaborate on development of a topical regenerative product for wound healing and will work to expand and strengthen preclinical research studies on the topic.

  • Antigenic targets of Candida albicans specific antibody fragments / Women & Infants Hospital, Bryant University

    Awarded: $200,000

    The grant will support work to identify the molecular structure on the surface of the fungus Candida albican that are recognized by previously discovered antibodies to stop infection. This collaboration will support infrastructure at Bryant University, preliminary research for future federal grant dollars, student training and collaboration between universities.

  • The inner-space classroom - innovation for research and education in the Ocean State / University of Rhode Island, RITE-Solutions

    Awarded: $199,000

    This group will develop software to provide access to marine science data and information through the University of Rhode Island’s Inner Space Center. The grant will provide for increased marine science educational opportunities and enabling of research and education projects for federal funding.

  • Tick-bite patch: Proof of concept for a first-generation immunoinformatics derived anti-tick vaccine with transdermal delivery / University of Rhode Island, EpiVax, Isis

    Awarded: $199,479

    This group will work to establish proof-of-principal for a catalytic approach to accelerate bench-to-clinic translation of a novel anti-tick vaccine for humans.

  • Tracing business-critical Web applications / Brown University, Tracelytics Inc.

    Awarded: $147,893

    Researchers will develop techniques for comprehensive measurement of the performance of rich Web applications by applying causal tracing techniques to both the server and client. This effort will combine the strengths of a university research setting with real client data.

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