Updated March 24 at 4:24pm

Should the state be focused on developing the “Knowledge Economy” ahead of other sectors of the marketplace?

Yes, those jobs will do more to lift the state up than any others 58% | 125 votes
No, too many of the state's citizens cannot find jobs in that sector 34% | 73 votes
I don't know 9% | 19 votes


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Most of RI's manufacturing jobs moved to China years ago. Knowledge economy is where the jobs are for the next many years. RI can either invest in growing a knowledge economy, or we'll end up like Detroit. I feel sorry for a whole generation of Americans who will not be able to find work in making and building things. Blame the congress people who made it so financially attractive for companies to move their manufacturing overseas. Can't blame the company owners...they are just doing what's needed to stay alive.

Monday, November 14, 2011 | Report this
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