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Sixcia Devine

CEO, Sixcia Business Development

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Sixcia Devine


CEO, Sixcia Business Development

Age: 37

Why did you select your profession?

In 2002, I started my first business, a Spanish-language-immersion program for business executives. After my first entrepreneurial dose I was addicted! Shortly after, I began to help women start and grow businesses in Rhode Island. … I knew that helping people bring vision to reality was my calling.

Where do you see yourself

professionally in 10 years?

I see myself continuing to innovate and market Sixcia Business and Caritas Smile, creating sustainable and socially, economically driven businesses.

What’s the best career advice

you’ve ever been given?

Separate the people from the problem.

What is your favorite Rhode Island

escape or hobby?

All Latin dances that end with vowels:

merengue, salsa and bachata.

How do you keep a work-life balance?

Exercise. A good, hard laugh. … Doing business with good people. My family is a priority and I schedule time to make house visits and play every week. Sticking to scheduled professional and personal meetings. •


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