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Taxing times call for fun distractions, camaraderie

By Robin Respaut
Contributing Writer
Kahn Litwin, Renza & Co. takes the stress out of a busy day.

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Taxing times call for fun distractions, camaraderie


Kahn Litwin, Renza & Co. takes the stress out of a busy day.

As one of the largest full-service CPA and business-consulting firms in New England, things can get pretty hectic, especially during tax season.

But Providence-based KLR tries to counter the work with a slew of fun themes, such as Dress Your Decade Day, Bring Your Pet Day and Sports Trivia Night.

“Everyone is working crazy hours during the busy tax and audit season, and you kind of need to lighten up the workplace,” said Laura DaLomba, managing principal at KLR’s Newport office. “It’s a brief respite from the day, and it builds camaraderie.”

Every month, KLR recognizes employees who have gone above and beyond in helping their associates, with Gem awards – which are distributed in front of peers. There are also special dinners, activities and other rewards associated with getting a job done well.

“With something like the Gem awards, you want to recognize employees and thank them for really saving the day,” said DaLomba.

KLR brings its employees together at other times too. The firm’s managing director regularly schedules group lunches with every staffer to help foster professional development and open communication.

KLR’s mentoring program helps younger professionals advance in their careers. Mentees are paired with more-senior employees, who offer guidance in developing individual skills.

“It’s nice to have someone in your corner that can get you out of your comfort zone and help push you beyond what you’re normally comfortable doing,” said DaLomba. “That’s where you really grow.” •


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