Updated March 24 at 12:54pm

Tech world could wrestle with turnover


FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – Turnover in information technology staff may be a big problem in 2012, according to an article in Network World.

Retaining 20- to 30-something tech professionals is especially hard, the article says, noting that they are recruited away for higher salaries and don’t have the sense of loyalty that previous generations had to their companies.

According to Louis Trebino, chief information officers and vice president of the Harry Fox Agency, turnover is “probably my most significant issue right now and has been for the past 12 to 15 months,” he told Network World.

“It puts us in a really uncomfortable position to have this kind of turnover because knowledge keeps walking out the door. We invest in training people and bringing them up to speed to where they need to be, and boom they're gone. That has been my biggest struggle and concern.”

Trebino said that apart from higher salaries, his Java developers were wooed away by “more flexibility” and “different responsibilities.”

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