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Textbook written by Women & Infants providers wins award


PROVIDENCE – A textbook written and edited by health care providers at Women & Infants Hospital won a 2012 Book of the Year Award from the American Journal of Nursing, hospital officials announced on Feb. 25.

The book, “Obstetric Triage and Emergency Care Protocols,” published by the Springer Publishing Company, came in second in the Maternal Child Health section.

The editors were Diane J. Angelini of the hospital’s Nurse Midwifery Section of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Dr. Donna LaFontaine, former medical director of the hospital’s Triage Department.

“This book goes beyond the basics of obstetric care, providing an excellent reference for anyone who needs to implement or improve obstetric triage in the hospital setting,” said Jessica Deeb, one of the judges. “It seems that nothing is excluded. This is a must-read for any hospital with an obstetric triage.”

Chapters in the book by Women & Infants staff include:

  • Dr. Chelsey Caren, Triage Department, and Dr. David Edmonson, Breast Health Center, “Postpartum Breast Complications” and “Common General Surgical Emergencies in Pregnancy.”

  • Dr. Catherine Friedman, Center for Women’s Behavioral Health, “Substance Use and Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy.”

  • Dr. Robyn Gray, Triage Department, “Vaginal Bleeding in Pregnancy,” and, with Dr. Luu Cortes Doan, a resident, “Pregnancy Loss Prior to Viability.”

  • Elisabeth Howard, Nurse Midwifery Section, “Labor Evaluation.”

  • Margaret Howard, and Rebecca Christophersen, Center for Women’s Behavioral Health, “Psychiatric Complications in the Postpartum Period.”

  • Linda Hunter, Nurse Midwifery Section, “Preterm Labor.”

  • Dr. Julie Johnson and Dr. Brenna Anderson both of the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, “Infections in Pregnant Women.”

  • Dr. LaFontaine, “Sexually Transmitted Infections” and “Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault in Pregnancy.”

  • Edie McConaughey, Nurse Midwifery Section, “Fetal Evaluation and Clinical Applications.”

  • Dr. Martha Pizzarello, Triage Department, and Dr. LaFontaine, “Secondary Postpartum Hemorrhage ad Endometritis.”

  • Dr. Moune Jabre Raughley, Triage Department, “Abdominal Pain and Masses in Pregnancy.”

  • Janet Singer, Nurse Midwifery Section, “Recognition and Treatment of Postabortion Complications.”

  • Dr. Amy Snyder, Triage Department, “Nausea Vomiting and Hyperemesis of Pregnancies.”

  • Linda Steinhardt, Nurse Midwifery Section, “Limited or No Prenatal Care at Term.”

  • Dr. Roxanne Vrees, Triage Department, “Management of Ectopic Pregnancy” and, with Dr. Alyson McGregor, Triage Department, “Trauma in Pregnancy.”

  • Dr. Emily White, Triage Department, “Vaginal Bleeding in Early Pregnancy.”

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