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The learning never ends at TechComm Partners

Trudy Mandeville sees a better America through better training.

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The learning never ends at TechComm Partners


Trudy Mandeville sees a better America through better training.

It’s a bold vision for the CEO and founder of a small, family business with six employees in Smithfield, but that’s how she sees it. The owner of TechComm Partners believes passionately in education and learning, and she thinks training can make the difference, literally, between triumph and tragedy, success and failure.

Her husband, Pat Crowshaw, is the company’s vice president and chief operating officer. He, too, believes training is a critically overlooked aspect in business today. “If you look at the military,” Crowshaw said, “99 percent of what they do is training.” Like his wife, he believes more businesses should invest in training for their employees.

Not surprisingly, training is what TechComm does best. TechComm’s expertise lies in the design of electronic training programs, most of them customized for individual clients. Examples include customer-service training, nursing education, technology training or health and safety programs.

Last fall, they signed a contract to design a professional-development program for the R.I. Department of Education, part of the state’s Race to the Top initiative. Teachers are helping design the program.

“When we talk about design, we’re talking about building the best way of presenting information,” Mandeville said. “We try to organize it in such a way that you can retain it. That may require video, animation, simple graphics, audio, a quiz, all of the above.”

Crowshaw added, “We organize the information, make it clear, make it concise, make sure it flows. Maybe we put in a quiz at the end. The beauty of this type of learning is that it allows you to easily go back anytime to review the materials.”

Though she has nearly 20 years of experience in the design of such programs, Mandeville tries to focus most of her energy on the strategic direction of the firm, while her husband manages day-to-day operations. Her stepdaughter, Karen Torres, is the company’s director of instructional technology, and her college-age grandson holds one of the jobs she is most proud of – apprentice.

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