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Towerstream reports record number of contracts in Nov.


MIDDLETOWN – Towerstream Corp. signed a record number of contracts in November for its fixed wireless broadband service.

The company also announced that it waived the rapid install fee for San Francisco businesses that were in need of immediate broadband service after a barrage of storms hit the area.

“We are ending the year in a strong position,” Matt Tooker, vice president of sales, said in prepared remarks. “Month after month businesses in the county’s largest markets are realizing the value of having a reliable broadband solution that is able to be turned up at a moment’s notice. Towerstream has spent years building a tremendously loyal customer base and it is great to see our momentum continuing to increase. We look forward to a strong 2013,” said Tooker.

According to a release, Towersteam offers its fixed wireless broadband coverage through the air and not on the ground, so during massive storms like Hurricane Sandy or those affecting the West Coast, the network is not affected by typical flooding issues.

“Those in need of reliable broadband can sign up for Towerstream’s service and be up and running in days,” said the release.

The company added that it learned from Hurricane Sandy’s rein on the East Coast, where many businesses were caught without broadband for days and weeks because their current provider’s networks were unusable. “Towerstream’s network is built above the ground and incorporates Microwave technology which is even faster than fiber. This is the best way to deliver broadband,” Arthur Giftakis, VP engineering & network operations, said in a statement.

“Due to the feedback we received in New York, we realized how important it is to be able to provide businesses with reliable broadband in a short amount of time,” added Giftakis. “With this in mind, we will waive our Rapid Install fee in San Francisco and work overtime to get these businesses up and running as soon as possible.”


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