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Treating students like her own fuels center growth

By Rhonda J. Miller
PBN Staff Writer

One of Lynsey Colgan’s current goals is to “find a curriculum for the new kindergarten program.”

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Treating students like her own fuels center growth


One of Lynsey Colgan’s current goals is to “find a curriculum for the new kindergarten program.”

That’s just how she is, always writing down her goals, always pushing to the next level. That’s how her business, A Child’s University, grew from a small, early childhood education center in Cranston in 2002 to two centers with 155 children, a waiting list and a planned expansion into their first kindergarten program in fall 2014.

Kindergarten is just the next big step after the most recent major project.

“We just renovated the entire [Cranston] school,” said Colgan. “We really put our heart and soul into it. … That was a risky and scary undertaking. We just had to take a deep breath and do it.”

The renovation was one more project that Colgan took on, built on her belief that if you do things right, they work out well.

“I always had this vision. I love the country and old-fashioned look. I had this vision of an old-fashioned schoolhouse,” said Colgan.

The design was only one reason for the renovation. Three additional classrooms were added, bringing the total to five classrooms with 70 children in Cranston and six classrooms with 85 children at the second location, in Lincoln, which opened in 2004.

One feature of the two locations is that they have cameras that allow parents to look into their child’s classroom.

“I really thought if parents could watch their children, it would be cool,” said Colgan, who thought of the idea when they were starting the school. It wasn’t just about safety, but a way for parents who had to spend hours away from their children to get a glimpse of what the little ones were doing now and then.

From her casual remark, her husband and business partner, Jay Colgan, who has a degree in business from Bryant University, ran with the idea. It’s not an out-of-the-box setup. He designed the system and managed the implementation.

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