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Where do you stand on the budget being debated by the General Assembly?


As the nation approaches another July 4 holiday, the Rhode Island General Assembly once again debates the next fiscal year’s budget.

The House Finance Committee and Gov. Lincoln D. Chafee had extensive discussions before the legislature’s fiscal 2012 proposal was made, and while it did not include the governor’s extensive revamping of the sales tax, there are tax increases built into the document.

Did the House Finance Committee go far enough in dealing with the large structural deficit that hangs over everything the state does at the moment, or does more need to be done before Rhode Island can claim to have solved its fiscal problems?


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It's more fake math from the General Assembly. A collection of Budgetary Band-Aids at best. None of the real issues that created the massive deficit have been addressed, and no permanent fixes are offered. And your taxes will go up anyhow. RI is ranked 50 of 50 states as a place to do business....dead last...for good reasons. Don't expect any lasting change until voters elect a more balanced mix of Democrats and Republicans. Do RI voters care enough to do that? Can the Republicans get some good candidates to explain why a balanced Gen Assembly is good for the state? When I vote, I am voting against every current member of the Assembly. Especially the Dems who have brought us here with 70 years of bungled policies. RI...stop rewarding them for their awful performance.!

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