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Would you locate a new business in Rhode Island?


Last week, Providence Business News awarded the 2009 Rhode Island Innovation Awards, many of which were given to startups and early-stage companies.

Absent the success of attracting any large, existing companies to the state, job growth is likely to come from going concerns in the state expanding their work forces, as well as new companies finding success here.

There are many local entrepreneurs who consider whether to base their company in Rhode Island. How would you make the decision of where to locate a company you founded?


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The problem for me isn't taxes, its infrastructure. There are so many other places in the country that have better access to certain amenities for employees and clients that generate greater economic development. I don't mind paying high taxes if I get something back for it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 | Report this

I find it absolutely hysterical that a "Business News" publication would ask such a foolish question! Consider the recent history of this state. Supreme Court Chief Justices ( plural ) in prison, former Governor in prison, judges and lawyers in prison, a State House full of representatives under scrutiny of the FBI, the Justice Dept, the Federal Attorney, etc. So, why would all these esteemed folks be in prison? Bribes, contempt of court, payoffs, etc.

The smallest state in the country is at least one of the top three most corrupt. Our present Governor is neutered by the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate. The Governor can espouse all he wants, but NOTHING gets approved without the approval of the Speaker and Senate President. This state is the home of the Industrial Revolution! Amazing, but would you know that by the way this Governor and State House have chased manufacturers OUT of RI? It seems that a manufacturer in RI is treated about the same as a Adult Video producer. Our Governor and Assembly want Fidelity "type" corporations or service industries. With a state that has 1 out of every 5 citizens as fundamentally illiterate, who's going to work at these investment companies? Folks from Massachusetts...that's who. Our people will be the janitorial staff. I am not surprised that every year we say "good-bye" to another major employer. Shortly, we'll be saying good bye to Stanley Bostitch in East Greenwich. Not totally leaving us, but sending their manufacturing of pnematic guns and staplers to China in the name of cheap labor. You know China! The place where they still kill babies, the state where they imprison people for wanting democracy and least we never forget...a Communist country. Every major industry in America has located a facility there and turned a blind eye towards the attrocities there. Murderous political people taking our jobs and killing our country.

Where are Sen. Whitehouse and Reed? Voting to keep funding Acorn and taking political donations from the very industries they oversee in Congress. Reed took millions from the banking lobby and sits on the Banking Comm. Whitehouse hasn't done a single worthwhile thing for this state, but has voted to keep funds flowing in Acorn along with 6 other Senators.

Locate a new business in RI? I want to move mine out of here as soon as possible.

Richard A. Deery

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 | Report this

Richard is right on the money.

Maybe add that RI is a waste land for business, we may be the smallest state in the USA but we are also the crookedest state in the USA, starting with our politicians.

This state is running on fumes and the politicians and their union buddies are still sucking the tax payers dry.

There is only one way to beat these guys at their game, move out of the state, that way maybe they will leave too.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009 | Report this

You think Rhode Island is corrupt? Try New Jersey or New York. Or any number of southern states. I used to think RI was the most corrupt too, until I started hearing horror stories from other states. I think it has been real easy to blame everything on the unions and the General Assembly. Honestly, it is odd how little power the Governor has and how much the General Assembly has. But again, not terribly different from many other states. As for unions, I don't know where you guys have been, but the unions have been getting stomped in the General Assembly. Sure, the GA likes to talk about how pro-union it is. And right-wing talk radio loves to connect the two. But an honest look at the gains and losses of unions in the GA show quite the opposite.

That's not to say that it is quite frustrating to see the money disappear. I often wonder where it goes, but to say that it's all on the unions is pretty sophomoric at best.

Thursday, October 1, 2009 | Report this

I believe Chris has been nipping at the Cool Aid distributed by the AFL-CIO and others. The Governor has no power because he ALLOWS the Speaker and Senate President to control him. But, this has nothing to do with the fundamental question, "would you locate a company in RI?".

Forbes magazine lists RI as the worst state in the country for business. Small state, small minds. Did anyone read a reaction from Speaker Murphy or Senate Pres. Paiva-Weed? Of course not. How does someone contradict the facts that Forbes stated. High taxes, poor schools, low pay, etc. Those who can afford it are leaving the state, but who's replacing them? Undocumented people that the Mayor of Providence holds so dear to his heart. No formal work training, no education, unable to speak English, etc. and you wonder why RI is ranked #50.

Virginia is ranked #1. Why? The unfortunate thing is that RI COULD be and SHOULD be ranked in the top 10, but with nobody in the business sector taking the bull by the horns and nobody in state government helping, RI will for ever be the armpit of New England.

I'm guessing that the windmill project will never see the light of day. There's too much bad wind coming from the General Assembly to ever launch such a fantastic, forward thinking, new "green" type industry here in RI. We'll screw this one up too.

Richard A. Deery

Monday, October 5, 2009 | Report this
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