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How long do new employees typically train for? More than a week – 52.9% 1-2 days – 17.7% A week (or less) – 11.8% Depends on the position – 17.7% Are lasting employees … more
A businessman is having Dickens read to him as a bedtime story and asks, "The best of times, the worst of times? Was the Dow up, and the employment rate down?" more
Has your company developed a brand image? Yes c100% No – 0% Did you use a third-party consultant to establish your brand identity? Yes – 66.7% No – 33.3% Has … more
How often does your company send out e-newsletters? At least twice a week – 14.3% Once a week – 0% At least once a month – 64.3% Only for special … more
The world is out to get active money managers. As Bloomberg's Charles Stein reports, they've been having a tough economic recovery, with only 21 percent of stock-picking mutual funds beating their … more